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Ten Years Of I Love Acid Custom TB303 USB Stick

Price: $34.99
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Item Number: TB303USB - Web 7 Inches

I Love Acid started as what was meant to be a one-off party, back in April 2007, with Luke Vibert, Posthuman and friends playing a night of Braindance-style acid at Corsica Studios in London. A second party was organised a few months later...and then another...and now, it's ten years later - with over a hundred events in over a dozen cities, countries, and festival stages - celebrating all forms of acid and the sound of the Roland TB303.

In 2014, a record label was born out of the club night. Strictly vinyl, no downloads and no represses, each edition limited to 303 hand-numbered and stamped copies. That series is approaching number 14 now, with each record selling out usually in days or even hours. This compilation is a collection of artists representing the many facets of I Love Acid - from acid house to ambient, techno to breaks, electro to experimental.

Released on a custom designed USB stick shaped like a TB303, crafted to fit and work with CDJs, on a keyring and cast in rubber to protect from wear and tear. The stick itself is 8GB in size, allowing the owner to add plenty more music and make use of the stick how they wish.

01. Neville Watson – ‘Sweatbox’
02. Posthuman – ‘Brand Loyalty’
03. Mike Dunn – ‘No Chaser’
04. XXXY – ‘Blup Blup’
05. TB Arthur – ‘TB1 B1’
06. Mystic Bill – ‘Revenge Of The Preacherman’
07. Cardopusher – ‘Out On A Limb’
08. Hardfloor – ’36 Chambers Of Kikumoto’
09. dyLab – ‘Let Us Rise’
10. Kerrie – ‘Eerie Acid’
11. Jared Wilson – ‘Tracking’
12. Hannah Holland – ‘Tweak feat. Josh Caffe’
13. B12 – ‘Wobble Boarding’
14. Mark Forshaw – ‘He’s Not There’
15. Jozef K & Wintersun – ‘Hyggeacid’
16. John Heckle – ‘Days Of Atlantis’
17. Chevron – ‘CYPUPB~B’
18. Luke Vibert – ‘Jeepers H Christ’
19. Transparent Sound – ‘Dancing Eyelids’
20. Pye Corner Audio – ‘Dead Ends’
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